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Personal Health Records:What is the exact definition?

The burgeoning growth of Personal health record market has also created confusion among users about various terms that are used in Health Information Technology.

For eg:Personal Health Record,Electronic Medical Record,Electronic Health Record,Personal Health Application,portable digital health record and also various prefix like I-record,my-record,your-record.
Although Markle and AHIMA have tried to offer various definitions for personal health record,yet these are not consensus definitions used world wide.It has been high time that some organization attempts to create a standard.

The National Alliance for Health Information Technology will launch next week a project to help eliminate confusion in the national discussion about health IT adoption by helping define health IT’s most commonly used – and misused – terms.
The industry-led Alliance is shepherding a five-month long project to define, vet and deliver to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONCHIT) consensus definitions for electronic health record (EHR), electronic medical record (EMR), personal health record (PHR), health information exchange (HIE) and regional health information organization (RHIO).
Jane Horowitz, the Alliance’s vice president and chief marketing officer, has rightly said “The question is, are we really speaking the same language and using the same terminology,” she said. “But then it becomes how do you start talking to consumers in a way they can understand what we’re trying to do in terms of the whole national structure of health IT.”

When you have many definitions of the same entity in the market,the confusion among consumers will definitely detest them from using them appropriately.For eg: in a internal survey by Mezocore, they found that majority of the general public were not aware of the term Personal health record.Moreover,many in the general public presume that it is something similar to a paper based medical record that they can carry along.The term personal health record does not even closely resemble anything to do with electronic or digital storage of health record according to general public current thought.

Until,a common definition is adopted by all the various manufactures of personal health record products,it is very difficult to convince the consumers to utilize them in their every day lives.The next important step will be to discuss about the privacy and security of these information and utilize them in their every day lives. Perhaps the manufacturers should study online medical billing courses to understand the intricacies of medical records. This will help in future security of Health Records.

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