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Caution with Ipad



The latest sensation around the forthcoming release of ipad has given rise to ripples around the tech industry,No doubt it is an exciting piece of device released by Apple since the days of iphone,yet admist all that excitement there are some pithfalls with Ipad.

Here are five reasons:

1.The underperformance of the processor,makes it less powerful then a conventional notebook,so for some applications-one might end up carrying a Notebook and an ipad.

2.However,the larger screen,makes it unviable as a Telephone device,although one may use it through headset-wired or wireless.

3.The lack of webcam, is a major disdadvantage when it comes to using it as a videoconference device.

4.Lower memory capacity makes it unviable to function as a storage device.

5.iPad lacks support for features like VPN (virtual private networks) and push email which makes it difficult for IT administrators to deploy on enterprise networks at the present moment.

Unless,Apple decides to make it a pure consumer centric device,then it will be difficult for the device to be deployed on Enterprise networks.

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