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The National Health Council recommends you to keep a Personal health record and take it with you to your doctor. It’s one thing to document your medical information… It’s another to know when and how to use it.Welcome to Open MedicDrive,a collaborative Wiki project for advancing and educating consumers world wide about the role of Healthcare Information Technology in Personal Health Record Management.The intent of open medicdrive is to educate and make it possible for anybody with a computer, USB memory stick,Internet access and a little bit of initiative to create a Secure portable personal health record for themselves or a loved one. Only authorized can edit.|Join our group here or View our Social Networkor visit Medical Toons|Watch Educational Videos Contact us via |Contact FormBecome better Healthsumer

With more than 200 Personal Health Record vendors worldwide,choosing the right PHR software can be a difficult task for you and your family. We have made it easier through our Online E Book:How to choose your Personal Health Record Manager and create your own Personal Health Record using this template Emergency Medical File and Personal Health Record and PHR for your pocket and CHILD PHR Edit the documents and print it(before printing think of environment) or save it in any USB drive and carry it along with you always.You can also attach any medical images like X-rays or CT Scan or investigation reports to these documents

We would appreciate your response to a 1-2 minute survey for designing and developing a new Personal Medical Document Manager with compatibility to EMR Click here for the survey view our Preliminary Survey Results

Individual Centric Personalized Health Application
Individual Centric Personalized Health Application

Personal Health Application are tools and services in medical informatics which utilizes Information technologies to aid users to create their own personal health information file.

Most people do not carry medical records when they leave home. They do not realize that in case of emergency(ICE), which no one can predict, these medical records can make a big difference. In fact, they could save a life. Previous medications, history of allergy to medications, and other significant medical or surgical history can help a physician to optimize treatment.

Online health information technology resource on the web for your reference.E Book- Survivors Handbook.

Questions to ask:

  • What kind of information do you store in a Personal Health Record?
  • What are its benefits?
  • What may be wrong with the current available personal health record in the market?
  • What information is relevant to their conditions?
  • Who can help treat an illness?
  • How can patients with chronic diseases live with and manage their conditions?


Open MedicDrive™

Mobile Digital Personal Health Record

Personal health records are the complete health data copy owned by an individual. It could be either paper based or stored electronically on patient’s computer locally or distally at another server and accessed through internet. Digital Personal Health Records [DPHR] are tools and services in medical informatics which utilizes Information technologies to aid individuals to create their own personal health information.Current storage technologies which are deployed are optical media like CDs,DVDs or Blu Ray Discs and Flash memory devices like USB Flash drive and also Memory Storage Disks,Memory Sticks or Portable Hard drives. They could also be stored online at a distant server.The health data could be entered by individuals or by their health care provider.

It contains patient’s personal data (name, date of birth and other demographic details).It also includes patient’s diagnosis or health condition and details about the various treatment/assessments delivered by health professionals during an episode of care from health care provider.

Individuals create their own personal health record in DPHR unlike the Electronic Medical Records which are created by Hospital and medical centers by physicians.With the growth of Web 2.0 in the internet, there is renewed interest about Personal health records in electronic format today.

Personal Health Application

A Personal Health Application (PHA) is a next generation consumer-centric information system that helps improve health care delivery, self-management and wellness by providing clear and complete information, which increases understanding, competence and awareness.


There is no commonly accepted definition but according to US based The Markle Foundation's Connecting for Health collaborative, a public-private endeavor-"An electronic application through which individuals can access, manage and share their health information, and that of others for whom they are authorized, in a private, secure, and confidential environment".

"An electronic universally available,lifelong resource of health information needed by individuals to make health decisions. Individuals own and manage the information in the PHR, which comes from health care providers and the individual. The PHR is maintained in a secure and private environment, with the individual determining rights of access.The PHR is separate from and does not replace the legal record of any provider.” (The American Health Information Management Association).


What are the features of an ideal Personal Digital Health Record ?.

PDHRs can contain a diverse range of data but usually include basic information.

Sacred-7 are seven critical pieces of patient information from which, physicians feel they can make most diagnosis and rapid care decisions.



Portable Digital Personal Health Record Storage medias are popular since they offer the advantage to Individuals to enable them maintain their health information at their own hard drive or other storage devices. Moreover, these could be made easily accessible to any health care provider by the individual who controls the data.

Privacy & PHR

Why Open MedicDrive?


There is a need for a simple, portable, personal digital health record. Although there are numerous electronic record managers in the market today, as yet there is no comprehensive and user friendly personal health record manager.

Despite the tremendous growth of internet over the past several years and also the ease of accessibility of internet services around the world today, there is always the risk of the network being not able to access the patient's records during critical times. Portable systems of carrying the records are an option as they offer rapid and easy method of accessing vital health information. The need for portable system of record is especially heightened during emergency medical situations. During these circumstances, the patient doesn't have the time or the ability to call a phone number and wait for a fax to retrieve their vital health information. There is an assumption that once the patient has a small portable device with their emergency information stored in them; personal vital information can be rapidly accessed from their storage device using any standard or portable computer with any operating system.

I have had first hand experience with very sick individuals who had no records immediately available of previous medications or treatments. Since these patients were from a foreign country, language and culture barriers added to the difficulty in retrieving information about previous medical histories. A " Short term solution " to this ever rising problem is the introduction of a computerized personal record in a portable format. This would enable individuals to have medical records with them at all times.

Technology has always played a significant role in the patient-physician relationship. Innovations in communications and information technologies like the telephone, the computer, and the Internet have significantly changed interactions between physicians and patients and have raised the level of health care delivery. The burgeoning growth of information technologies will continue to enhance the patient-physician relationship.

Blog : Constructive Medicine - Bench side to Bed side 2.0


Constructive Medicine

New Technologies in Medicine


Image:Vista-Community_Help.png Network Groups

List of PHR vendors in market today


This is not a comprehensive list,but you could add more.Please note that we absolutely do not endorse or make claims about the quality or reliability of these products--they are posted here for research purposes and may or may not be a good option for any particular user.



E book

Image:120px-Vista-kpdf.png Digital Personal Health Records:A Guide to Health E Life. [VISIT Our Book Store]

Create Your Own Personal Health Record For Free

Tools for creating your free Personal Health Record

Sample of Your Personal Health Record


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White Papers

1.Networked PHRImage:PDF_32x32.png

2.The future of Personal Health RecordsImage:PDF_32x32.png

3.CMS and PHRImage:PDF_32x32.png

PHR In other Countries


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